• Sleep Environment Checklist and the importance of establishing a consistent bedtime routine 

• Help you understand what are positive and negative sleep associations and how they can effect your child's sleep

• Learn what you will start doing tonight and how to start your child's day

What's included in this guide?

Night waking's can be difficult for any parent. Know that you are not alone! Start implementing these 5 tips to start having better nights today!

- Amanda

I cannot thank Iryna enough for her guidance, attention, and support throughout the sleep training process. She was always available to answer any questions, provide researched responses, and adjust routines as necessary for my particularly difficult little sleeper. I highly recommend Iryna for helping you and your child finally enjoy a good night’s sleep!

"She was always available to answer any questions"

- Lisa 

Working with Iryna was such a pleasure. She listened to our family's concerns and was so kind with the entire process. Her support was amazing! She was always there to answer any questions we had and always so supportive. We highly recommend Sweet Little Dreams to any family!

"Absolutely loved working with Iryna"

- Stephanie B.

It was great working with Iryna, she helped us understand sleep and provided us with a good routine! We really enjoyed her  detail of care and support provided! 

"She helped us learn so much and help our baby sleep!"



I am a twin boy mom, a wife and and a certified pediatric sleep consultant.  I spend most of my days chasing after my twins and most likely making myself a cup of coffee! I realized how little information there was on all things twins so I decided to start sharing more of my journey! You will find helpful twin tips, sleep tips, fashion finds and everything in between!

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